29 March 2015

Oh, hey! Long time no see!

Wow... It's been a long long time..  My last post was more than 8 months ago!
A LOT of things happened since then. My last job (teaching Game Design), which started pretty nice, turned into a nightmare, thanks to an awful administration. I loved what I was doing, but not where I was doing.. So I quit!
Almost immediately, a lot of happy coincidences took place and, to keep it short, I moved to Rio de Janeiro last september and got a great job as illustrator for a game company. I'm now surrounded with nice, competent and cheerful people. :)

In other, more art-related, news, I was part of a Lord of the Rings art tribute with some other cool artists.

Minas Morgul

I also started practicing watercolor! Lots of things to learn, but I'm really enjoying it!

plen air painting of Sugar Loaf, Rio.

I guess that's it for now.. See ya soon!