22 October 2013

Jungle Ruins

Hi there!
It's been a while, but there's a reason to that: I recently started teaching Game Design, so it's taking my time a bit. But I'm loving to revisit my game developing background! As you may guess, I have focused on digital painting after my Game Design graduation back in 2010, and it's still my main passion, so there's always time for sketching a little.

Here I tried to achieve a more traditional look. I'm really happy with how it turned out, mainly the vegetation (see it in hires), but there's too much still to learn.. There always is!

Jungle Ruins

And a quick wip .gif

13 September 2013


Hi there!
A little while ago I painted book cover for "Hospedeira das Cinzas". A fantasy, action-packed novel written by brazilian author Lucas Moraga.
Yesterday I got the green light to reveal it, so here it is:

WIP, as usual:

And the final book layout:

Environment Sketches

Practicing a bit. Approx 1h each one.

24 July 2013

Forest Keeper

One less on my pile of unfinished paintings!  I started this little guy more than a year ago! It was about damn time to finish it!

For wallpaper version (1920x1080) click here.

And here's the process:

It took me too long, but I'm pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. I learned a lot of new tricks painting this one! :)

13 July 2013


So, as I said before, I'm back and I'll try to do daily sketches again.
This one took me approx. 50 min.
UPDATE:  That rock was too empty, so I added a little something in it.

11 July 2013

I've been away for too long

Long time no see, right?! Well, a LOT of things happened since my last post (which was 7 months ago!).
For instance, the company I was working on closed, I moved to São Paulo, got a shitty new job that was taking my entire time and stressing the hell out of me, made some new friends, grew a beard, expanded my network, learned some new tricks with the awesome Nick Kole and, recently, quitted the job!

Now I'm back, and, man, it feels good! I'm freelancing and also got a couple of personal projects to dedicate myself to, so it's gonna be busy as I always wanted it to be.
Also, I just set up a Fanpage! Go like it → https://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfDiegoDAndrea

And to kick things off, here's a fresh one that I finished yesterday:

More new stuff to come up soon!