28 February 2012

Wish upon a star

I always loved aurora borealis. I don't know why I never painted one before!
So that's it for today's sketch!

27 February 2012


Hi everyone!
Carnival ended last week and here I am, back again!
But there's no sketch for today. I'm still working on that painting I showed you before. I'm busy with some other projects, but, hopefully, I'll finish it soon.

In other news, my Vermin Supreme illustration is already avaliable as t-shirt on his Official Merch Store!!!

Buy it and show your support for a better world.
A world where everyone will have their own pony!

17 February 2012


Just a quick background to warm up today..
Been watching a lot of the classic cartoons lately!

And there won't be any posts until next thursday, for it's Carnival here!!
See ya later! ;)

16 February 2012

Avast! - preview

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting yesterday..
I started working on a huge piece of artwork and didn't have time to do anything else.
But, to keep things going, here's a little preview of what I've been working on:

There are many more things going on around the captain, but I isolated him to not show much of the action. ;)
I'm very excited with this one, so the Daily Sketches won't be so daily until I finish it.. But, trust me, it'll worth it!

14 February 2012

Stars and Fireflies

Happy Valentine's day for those who celebrate it today!
(Here in Brazil it's celebrated on June 12)

Oh, and here is the forever alone version! (without the couple) ;)


Just a hipster flying tree.
You've probably never heard of it! hahahah

Today's sketch coming soon.

13 February 2012

Up in the sky

Today's daily sketch:

12 February 2012

and at dusk, they rise

It started as the daily sketch for friday but I decided to finish it up. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it then and this weekend I moved to another apartment. Only today I had time to finish it, and here it is.
Had much fun doing these dragons. One of my favourite subjects ever!
It took me approx. 6 hours to do it from scratch!

09 February 2012

Willy Wonka

When I saw "Happy Chocolate Day" trending on twitter, I knew exactly what to draw for today's daily sketch. Here's my spin on Mr. Willy Wonka:

08 February 2012

Bobby's World

It was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and still is!

07 February 2012

Foreign Lands - Color

The adventures of a little girl in -colored- foreign lands! :)

06 February 2012

Foreign Lands

The adventures of a little girl in foreign lands.
I am planning on coloring it later today or tomorrow.

Colored version here!

05 February 2012

Superb Owl

Archimedes looks superb on this Superbowl Sunday Sketch, dont' you think?!

03 February 2012

Zombie Queen

I know what you're thinking... Yes, it's a wig!
And yes, I've been listening to Murderdolls today!

And here's the song that inspired this sketch: 
Kill Miss America by Murderdolls
Kill Miss America by Murderdolls on Grooveshark

02 February 2012

01 February 2012

Vermin Supreme - Color

So, apparently Mr. Vermin himself liked the sketch I did yesterday. And here it is, the colored version! This is probably going to be on his merch site. More details later.

UPDATE: Somebody pointed out that, based on the My Little Pony's World, this pink pony can't do the "sonic rainboom" (that rainbow trail)! 
Little ponies, serious business..
I'll fix that and update it later today.

UPDATE: Ok, here's the fixed version:

(23 Feb 2012)
UPDATE: You can already buy it on the Official Merch Store and support the pony/zombie based economy!